Dance Class & Performance Information

Dancewear & Shoes: Attire is part of the discipline of dance and assists the instructor in observing the dancer’s form and technique. Please label all dancewear and shoes with the dancer’s name. Many local stores carry dancewear or shoes such as Payless, Target, Stride Rite, etc.  A costume is included with your class fee.

 Attendance: Regular class attendance is expected. Classes are not made up due to student absence. Prolonged illnesses should be reported to the Village. Dancers missing more than three class sessions without contacting the Village or teacher may be asked not to perform in the dance recital. Even if dancers can catch up after prolonged absences and learn showcase dances, the other dancers are affected (i.e., line placement, ripple counts, etc.). Please make attending class a priority. Refunds will not be given for costumes or missed classes. Attendance at the dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Grooming: Females with hair past their chin should have their hair in a braid, bun, or ponytail. Males should have neatly styled hair. Dancers 10 and older should wear deodorant. The only jewelry allowed in class is small pierced earrings. At dress rehearsals and recitals, absolutely no jewelry (with the exception of small, non-dangle earrings) or nail polish is allowed.

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Dates:  Parents will be given an information packet prior to the rehearsal date with complete information. Included in this packet will be an order form for pictures as well as tickets for the recital.